How Often Should I Meditate and how long?

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I had the same question when I started out with meditation years back. I used to meditate anywhere between 30 to 45 mins during a single session. But I wasn’t making any good progress. Because I wasn’t regular in my practice.

Meditation is like going to the gym. If you go to the gym just once a week you won’t be making any good progress. How often you hit the gym is what determines your muscle growth. Similarly, with mediation we are trying to inculcate a new habit. A habit that can be formed only by taking away a another habit which you have been developing since the day you were born.

The Meditative mind Versus The Wandering mind

What happen if you do not keep a check on your food habits. You eventually grow fat or your health declines. Similarly a persons whose mind is not in check develops lot of habits which later become difficult to remove. Therefore the amount of meditation varies from person to person. It’s the time required to overcome the wandering habit of the mind developed since a very long time. And every time you stay away from meditation you are encouraging the mind to wander.

How Often to Meditate

  1. Consider you are meditating once a week. The habit that you cultivate in the mind for just one day is gradually lost in the coming days. Because you can’t have a meditative mind and a scattered mind at the same.
  2. If you Mediate every day, you will slowly develop the habit.
  3. Working in a high stress environment requires you to meditate more often. This will make sure that the new habit will eventually take over your old habit.

How long to Meditate

  1. A Good 30 mins of meditation is good enough to have its effect last for a day or two.
  2. If you are just getting started with meditation, do as long as you feel comfortable. There is no point to continue pushing harder if the mind isn’t calm.
  3. Whenever get some free time during holidays, try to meditate as long as possible.

Maximize Meditation Results

To maximizing the results of meditation, you must Meditate often and Meditate long. If a person meditates everyday for 30 mins and makes some progress, the same progress can be achieved by a person who mediates twice a day for 30 mins in 10 days. Yes not 15, because if you stick to a new habit more often, it will be easier for the mind to adapt to it and make progress. Therefore for exponential progress in meditation, you have to mediate as often and long as possible. Here are a few schedules that might suit you.

Early Morning30 mins of meditation. Prepares you for the tough day ahead. Helps stay calm through out the day.
After-work/ early evening 15 mins or more. Eases the mind after work and helps make the transition to life after work.
Before bed30 mins of meditation. Meditation before you sleep is very important, helps connect your new meditation habit to the subconscious level.


If you are just a beginning with meditation, that’s great! You’ve taken your first step towards finding a beautiful sanctuary with yourself. Even 10 mins of meditation is great to start with, the only advice I have for you is never stop and never settle. Keep making progress, without a doubt Meditation is the best thing you can do. Therefore do every little you can to meditate often, longer and deeper.

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