Breathing Exercises – 8 Best Known Techniques

There are various kinds of breathing exercises (pranayama) out there, while some may suit you and some you might find difficult. So here in this article, you will find the most widely used yoga breathing techniques out there. In the beginning stages of practice, you can assume any kind of posture that you feel comfortable with, […]

Meditation Scripts for Beginners – Simple & Powerful

Meditation to beginners would seem a very difficult practice to learn and develop. The thought of it being difficult is what prevents it being easy. So step one is to believe that meditation is easy. Let’s now see how to make most out of your meditation practice every day and make progress. There a simple Meditation Script at […]

Yoga Breathing: Pranayama Theory

Introduction Pranayama is not simply a technique to control our breath and induce relaxation of the mind and body. There is a great deal of activity that takes place with every breath you take. Pranayama is an ancient science that goes deeper then the science of breath. Also deals with many invisible energies working behind the […]

Meditation Scripts & Breathing Techniques for Beginners

Meditation is the best habit that one can cultivate. In developing this habit you have to destroy a another one that has been developing in you for years- The wandering mind. This habit varies from person to person, and so there are many types of meditation techniques. Six different meditation scripts and techniques to help you choose […]