About Yoga Script

Yoga is a word, a philosophy, a tradition, a system, and to some a science. It’s an ancient philosophical system that survives to date in scriptures and commentaries from the Indic past. 

It’s also a practiced tradition with many schools of teachings. In the last century, numerous scholars and practitioners have endeavored to bring out this closely conserved knowledge to a larger audience. 

However, the subject still remains largely obscure; burdened with misinformation, opinionated perspectives, and a general lack of serious interest. And is often difficult for a beginner or an individual practitioner to access authentic sources and meaningful explanations of what Yoga has to offer. It is in the realization of this void that we conceived the idea of Yoga Script.

Yoga Script is a blog written collectively by people who are engaged with Yoga in different capacities. Some of us are practitioners and academicians. Our objective is to make genuine knowledge available to everyone who’s interested. And also to create a space for practitioners, both beginners and those who are already engaged in different Yogic practices, to access materials that can be of significant help. We hope for Yoga Script to become a trusted online library to access texts on Yoga. As the blog progresses, we hope to include Book Reviews for existing works, Articles about different practices, and Meditation Scripts.  

We wish you a beautiful and meaningful journey!

The Little I Know

About Myself

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’ We are all on our own journey, few have strived for a hundred miles, with a broken heart they returned.. few are stuck in circles and others have lost hope, lost way, lost sight.

I’ve been there, experienced the good, bad, and the ones that tear you apart. What have I learned? A lot, every experience has taught me a lesson or two, but if I count the lessons I learn out of these earthly experiences, a single lifetime would not be enough nor a thousand lives. Also won’t they be the same experiences? just served in a new combination consisting of the same lively ingredients. Life is but a bundle of experiences, one leading to another endlessly.

There is no adventure greater than experiencing the mysteries that lie within our self. Only by expanding our consciousness with every experience would we be capable of experiencing something which we previously could not even comprehend. The universe begins to unfold within us and our consciousness expands beyond every cell to every atom in the universe.

The only way to experience anything beyond the mundane is to rise above the mundane. And when you do, you’ll see how less mundane this world around us,  how the trees seem alive, and how the wind whispers a story of a time immemorial when you and He were One.

Thus, YogaScript is an attempt to bring out the essence of a science eternal and inspire the readers to see this path not just as a lifestyle but a journey that carries on beyond this life to become someone you know always knew. 


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