Yoga Script is website for those who choose to wonder. Those who seek and question, relate and understand. The Inner wisdom and it’s source.

If I had to find an appropriate place for the yogic sciences, I’d place it here. For, yoga is the science of life, life after life, life beyond life, life before life and everything in between. Where life and lifelessness merge to the very meaning and meaninglessness of it.

In the name of globalization, many of us have long forgotten our roots, toppled by the winds of a larger civilization. But this gives us a widened opportunity of exploring entirely contrasting outlooks of different religions and cultures.

Here at Yoga Script, we have tried to introduce you to the science of yoga, the essence of it. Not the mere outer shell, but the deep and profound science of the greatest science. A science that’s transcendental.

Yoga does not relate to any religion, cult or sect, but be practiced simply as an eternal science, explored and developed by great sages over time.